Neck pain is one of the most common pain complaints in people of all ages and from all walks of life. Studies show that about 10 percent of adults in the United States will experience some type of neck pain at some point throughout their lives. But what causes neck pain? Typically, neck pain develops as a result of strain and stress on the muscles and cervical spine, resulting from a number of triggers. Today, the team at Arne Wellness Center will explore some of the common causes of neck pain and how chiropractic care can help to relieve your neck discomfort. Ready to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor in Littleton? Give us a call or reach out to us online to arrange a chiropractic adjustment.

Five Common Causes of Neck Pain

Poor Posture

Poor posture is one of the most common causes of neck pain, as it can place unnecessary stress and pressure on the cervical spine. Whether you sit hunched over in front of a computer for eight hours a day, or you stand with your shoulders slouched forward and your neck tilted backward, this can cause strain to the muscles and soft tissues in your neck.


Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis that can cause pain, tenderness, stiffness, and limited range of motion in your neck. Arthritis affects the joints and causes pain when the cartilage that protects the bones in your joints wears down.


Decades of wear and tear on your neck can cause pain to develop. Degenerative disorders are one of the most common causes of neck pain as a result of protective tissues and cushioning in the spine wears down over time.   


Whiplash is the most common neck injury, which can occur from an injury sustained in a car accident, a work accident, or a sports injury. Whiplash affects the soft tissues in the neck, and when these tissues become strained as the result of a sudden jarring motion, it can cause mild to severe pain, inflammation, and limited range of motion. While this is considered an acute injury, whiplash can cause long-lasting issues that can become chronic if not properly treated.

Disc Herniation

A disc herniation in the cervical spine occurs when the soft tissue located in-between the individual spinal vertebrae ruptures and pushes out through the tougher exterior tissue of the spine. When this happens, the herniated disc can aggravate nearby nerves, which causes pain, along with numbness and tingling that radiates down the arm.  

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If you are experiencing neck pain, visit your Littleton chiropractor at Arne Wellness Center. Studies show that chiropractic care is one of the most effective, non-surgical methods for naturally relieving neck pain and associated symptoms. Chiropractic adjustments realign the spine, thereby alleviating pressure from the spine while easing tension and inflammation in the soft tissues and joints of the spine. Visit your Top Rated Local® chiropractor in Littleton and experience the benefits of natural neck pain relief.

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