LeavesDr. Arne is a chiropractic internist and has been practicing natural medicine for 23 years. His experience dealing with chronic health conditions along with his advanced education and diagnostic training in internal disorders allows him to be effective in achieving results. Great results are only obtained by treating “the cause” of the condition, rather than the symptoms. A thorough history, followed by a thorough health screening of blood, urine, saliva and other diagnostic testing helps him identify “the cause” of the condition so that he can accurately create a relief plan. Dr. Arne uses standard labs (Lab Corp and Quest) as well as specialized functional medicine labs to assess your condition.

Dr. Arne’s extensive knowledge in natural medicine treatments such as homeopathy, herbal therapy, nutritional therapy, and detoxification allow him to use non-toxic natural medicine and other pain relief options to treat the cause of your condition.

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