Spinal_DecompressionSpinal decompression works through specific, controlled, computerized mechanical traction applied to the spine, achieving decompression at a specific disc level. The procedure is performed gently by your Littleton chiropractor through specific and incremental separation of the vertebrae, creating a vacuum effect within the bulging disc. This negative pressure of vacuum aids in retraction of the herniated, bulging discs relieving sensitive nerve pressure. The therapy also rejuvenates the disc through re-hydrating the disc by bringing in nutrients and water into the disc through the decompressing and vacuuming mechanism. These chiropractic treatments generally take around 20 minutes and are performed anywhere from 1 time per week up to 5 times per week. Most patients will require between 10 and 25 treatments for the best outcome.

If you think you might be suffering from a bulging disc that could be treated with spinal decompression, contact Littleton’s Arne Wellness Center today!