1. Reassuring and Refreshing

    Just over a year ago, being frustrated by the medical community at large not being able to address my unmistakable and rapidly declining health – finally lead me to Dr Robert Arne. I found his attentive and relaxed manner, most reassuring and refreshing. While using the most modern and advanced medical diagnostic equipment available, he was quickly able to diagnose the underlying causes of my po…Read More

    Richard T.
  2. I Strongly Believe in Dr. Arne

    I have been a patient of Dr. Arne's for 11 years. At first, I was only looking for adjustments to help with neck pain. I received relief from my neck pain and also comprehensive assessments over the years that have led to help with other chronic health issues. As a result of continued care from Dr. Arne, my neck pain and other ailments from multiple whiplash accidents are well controlled and manag…Read More

    Stephanie C.
  3. Immediate Relief

    I thought I had exhausted every possible option for the last 11 years trying to find a solution to my auto-immune disease. No answers, lots of pain, extreme fatigue, and no hope. I had given up until a friend told me how Dr. Arne had helped her. I figured I would give it one more shot. I've only seen Dr. Arne for a week now and all of my pain is gone. I feel like I'm finally starting to live!…Read More

    Kara T.
  4. Dr. Arne Really Listens to His Patients

    For 4 ½ years my health declined in many areas. I went to many doctors and was finally diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome, in January of 2009 I was placed on medicine, but my symptoms improved only slightly. I developed many more symptoms including digestive problems. At the end of my rope, I took the recommendation of a friend and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Robert Arne. Dr. Arne truly take…Read More

    Missy K.
  5. Dr. Arne Really Helped

    I had been in and out of doctors for over 20 years trying to find out why I felt exhausted and lived with brain fog. Dr. Arne was able to find out why and treat the cause of it. Within a few months I was already feeling better. I continue to work with Dr. Arne and his team for all my wellness issues.…Read More

    Nicole W.
  6. Thorough and Precise

    Maintaining and finding ways to improve my overall health is very important to me. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Robert Arne. Dr. Arne's practice is all encompassing. As a chiropractor his adjustments are excellent. He is thorough, precise and technically sound. Beyond adjustments, he is able to help regulate the various systems of the body and provides the supplements needed to maintain…Read More

    David J.
  7. He Saved My Daughters Life

    We have been coming to see Dr. Bob since March 2006. My daughter was so sick and had been in Children's Hospital for asthma-again. We came to see Dr. Bob, and he has saved her life! She no longer suffers from asthma on a daily basis, and she is finally healthy!…Read More

    Saraa R.
  8. Supportive and Caring

    In June 2013, I went to see Dr. Arne.  I had been suffering from severe insomnia, fatigue, stomach issues and anxiety for years.  Dr. Arne tested me and found I had Lyme Disease, which was rampant through my body.  It was a relief to finally find out what was wrong with me and to find a Doctor who truly cared.  Dr. Arne told me that I would get better, but explained I would feel worse before I…Read More

    Annette M.