1. Helped Me Get Back In The Gym

    I have been coming to Arne Wellness for almost two years. I came due to neck strain from working out, and muscle tightening in my lower back. Bob's knowledge, skills, and capabilities helped in getting me back in the gym in no time. The muscle tightness and dislocation of my rib, what used to take weeks to relieve, he and his team resolved the issue within one weeks time. Each individual will resp…Read More

    Michael K
  2. More Than A Chiropractic Office

    I went to Arne Chiropractic for an adjustment and found this place to be more than a chiropractic office. Dr. Arne doesn't just treat me and send me on my way. He looks at my overall health and gives me ideas of how I can take care of my body using holistic and natural remedies.…Read More

    Liddia M
  3. Excellent Chiropractic Internist

    Excellent chiropractic internist, acupuncturist, naturopath. Dr. Arne has been a game changer for our family. He figured my body pain was due to Lyme, which is now dormant due to his treatments. We had chronic sinuses infections, used antibiotics 6-7 times a year, we are now antibiotic free due to Arne’s ability to accurately identify virus/bacterial infections and treat them instead of a doctor…Read More

    Kim F
  4. Very Knowledgeable

    Dr. Bob has been so helpful in helping me keep myself in good health. He is very knowledgeable about natural and holistic care. I value his opinion on all my health care issues. He keeps me aligned, informed and healthy.…Read More

    Sandra C
  5. Gentler Approach

    Dr Arne turned my life around. I had been suffering with the effects of Chronic Lyme disease and related co-infections for over a decade, even after 5 years of intense antibiotics, the last 9 months twice a day through an IV. I found Arne Wellness when I decided to eliminate all the toxic pharmaceuticals and try a gentler approach. It worked! Dr Arne guided me on a healing journey that eliminated …Read More

    Cynthia D
  6. Helps Maintain My Physical Health

    I can't say enough about how helpful Dr. Bob and the entire staff has been in helping me maintain my physical health. I discovered them about 16 years ago when dealing with a back issue and they have helped keep me balanced ever since. I appreciate their service and genuine interest in my well being.…Read More

    Jim C
  7. Holistic Approach

    I really appreciate the holistic approach at Arne Wellness Center. Dr. Arne considers all aspects of your health and treats the whole person, rather than addressing issues in isolation. He’s able to identify a broad spectrum of solutions, from natural medicine, acupuncture, and chiropractic, even including the in-house massage therapists. Dr. Arne helped me immensely with a variety of issues and…Read More

    Kristy P
  8. Reassuring and Refreshing

    Just over a year ago, being frustrated by the medical community at large not being able to address my unmistakable and rapidly declining health – finally lead me to Dr Robert Arne. I found his attentive and relaxed manner, most reassuring and refreshing. While using the most modern and advanced medical diagnostic equipment available, he was quickly able to diagnose the underlying causes of my po…Read More

    Richard T.
  9. I Strongly Believe in Dr. Arne

    I have been a patient of Dr. Arne's for 11 years. At first, I was only looking for adjustments to help with neck pain. I received relief from my neck pain and also comprehensive assessments over the years that have led to help with other chronic health issues. As a result of continued care from Dr. Arne, my neck pain and other ailments from multiple whiplash accidents are well controlled and manag…Read More

    Stephanie C.
  10. Immediate Relief

    I thought I had exhausted every possible option for the last 11 years trying to find a solution to my auto-immune disease. No answers, lots of pain, extreme fatigue, and no hope. I had given up until a friend told me how Dr. Arne had helped her. I figured I would give it one more shot. I've only seen Dr. Arne for a week now and all of my pain is gone. I feel like I'm finally starting to live!…Read More

    Kara T.