bioneticsThe Bionetics Phazx BodyScan 2010

The Bionetics Phazx BodyScan 2010 (the Body Scan) uses biofeedback to monitor the flow of energy through the body. The BodyScan is then able to regulate the energy flow along the acupuncture meridian to the organs, in a similar way to traditional Chinese medicine. The energy flow of a particular client, deduced by the Body Scanning, correlates with his or her degree of health and wellness.

History of the BodyScan

In the 1950’s, Dr. Reinhold Voll MD developed a simple electro dermal testing technique, which he christened electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV). Following on from this, while still working at Stanford University in the 1970’s, Dr. William Tiller discovered that the skin displays unique electrical reactions to various impulses, especially over the known acupuncture points. Based on Chinese acupuncture therapies, Phazx Systems Inc. developed the BodyScan 2010 to monitor the “body’s energy flow, stress of the meridians and cellular communication”.

How the BodyScan works

The BodyScan uses silver-plated electrodes placed on the head, wrists and ankles to measure the response to micro-frequencies of thousands of substances. The BodyScan works on the basis of bio-feedback recording voltage, frequency and current measurements, to infer a number of electrical properties between the electrodes, such as impedance. This principle allows the BodyScan to test over 6,000 substances in categories, including homeopathic remedies, foods, herbs, trees, minerals, supplements, dental materials, amino acids, sarcodes, flower essences, chemicals and bacteria.

In addition to this multi-channel testing, the BodyScan includes a single channel stylus, hand-made harness, probe, wand and brass plate, for more specific measurement of organs and substances. The information gained via the BodyScan may then be used to aid the practitioner in the suggestion of possible rebalancing therapies or treatments for the patient’s body.

Computerized Electrodermal Screening

For Electrodermal Screening information and research see link:

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