At Arne Wellness Center, we see all sorts of different injuries and ailments that are sports-based or exercise-based every single day. A common question we get is “What kind of exercises are there that are not stressful on your joints?” Which is a great question, here are some exercises you can do that both burn calories and take it easy on your joints.

1. Rowing

If you do not have access to a lake, go down to your gym and try to do a quick workout on the row machine. It is a low impact exercise that is easy on your joints, but it is great for overall body strength and for cardio improvement. If you have never used a rowing machine, we suggest you talk to the trainers at your gym or do your research before you sit down at one of these machines on your own.

2. Bicycling

This is a great one for Coloradans. The bike supports your weight so it is less stressful on your joints in comparison to running, and once you have trained a little, it allows you to go farther than any other workout and see the beautiful mountains in our lovely state. If you do not have a bike, try a session or two at your gym and see how your joints feel.

3. Walking

Most people do not think of walking when they think of getting a workout in, but the reality is, it is a fat-burning workout that does not stress your joints when done effectively.

If you have any injury related problems or questions, please feel free to contact us or set up an appointment!