Even though herbal medicine has been a part of human culture for thousands of years, there can be a stigma with some because they are unfamiliar with herbal therapy. At Arne Wellness Center, a wellness center located in Highlands Ranch, we practice many different types of medicine and herbal medicine is just one of the ways we serve our patients. Let’s look at just a few of the benefits of natural medicine.

1. Fewer side effects

This can vary based on the medicine in use, but generally speaking, there are less side effects in most herbal medicine because the medication is natural and a lot of herbs can even be used for different symptoms. Compare this against most prescritpion medication, which is expensive and usually deals with one issue at a time. For example, Gingko bilboa is good for both circulatory disorders, as well as helping enhance memory.

2. Versatility in use

Lots of natural medicines can be consumed in different ways, depending on the herb. Some can be made into tea, capsule and tablet form. This can eliminate the uncomfortable factor that comes along with taking some medications.

3. Accessibility

For a lot of natural medication, there is no need for a prescription and can be purchased at both health food stores and even online. No need to stand in line for a prescription anymore, take care of yourself while you grocery shop.

There are many more aspects to natural medicine that we suggest you come in and talk to us about if it sounds like something you would like included in your treatment. Set up an appointment today!

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