We want to make your first visit with your Littleton chiropractor as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Here is what you can expect during your initial visit to our chiropractic office.

Patient Forms

Once you have scheduled your initial appointment that includes an exam, a chiropractic adjustment, and a 45-minute massage, we request that you complete our patient intake forms that are downloadable and printable. This invaluable information is essential to your personalized chiropractic and wellness program, as it provides us with your health history, information about your condition, and insights about any injuries you currently have or have had in the past. We ask that you please complete these prior to your visit, or that you arrive 15-20 minutes early to fill out the patient intake forms in our office. If you have any questions prior to your visit, please feel free to reach out to us by calling (720) 547-3098, or reaching out to us online.

*Please keep in mind that all of your personal information is confidential according to HIPPA compliance guidelines for your privacy and protection.

Chiropractic Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Arne will go over the information you provided us on your patient intake form and health questionnaire. This may include insights about you, your health, your medical history, and any additional information pertinent to your chiropractic care. During your consultation, your chiropractor may suggest self-care techniques to complete at home such as stretching. Additionally, your exam and consultation will inform your chiropractic treatment plan to determine the short-term and long-term frequency in which you should receive treatments. We encourage you to ask any questions about chiropractic treatments or any of your health and wellness concerns at this time.

Chiropractic Exam

After your consultation, Dr. Arne will perform a complete chiropractic examination. This may include measuring your posture, checking your reflexes, and assessing your range of motion. Depending on your specific condition or injury, your chiropractor may refer you for diagnostic testing such as X-rays.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Once your exam is complete, Dr. Arne will perform your first treatment, which may include a spinal adjustment, assisted stretching, traction, the use of cold or heat therapy, ultrasound, and other treatment modalities to help relieve your symptoms.

Massage Therapy

Your initial treatment also includes a 45-minute massage to relieve muscle tension, release tightness, and to encourage the body’s natural healing mechanisms for pain relief. You will work with a highly trained, experienced, and intuitive massage therapist who works closely with your chiropractor to collaborate on your care. Your massage therapist may also consult briefly with you prior to your massage.

Connect with Your Littleton Chiropractor

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Littleton, reach out to our friendly and dedicated team to schedule your new patient consultation. We are passionate about helping people just like you enhance your health and wellness while finding relief from pain, injuries, illnesses, and painful health conditions. We are excited to hear from you and look forward to seeing you soon!