Imagine you’ve been working hard all day and your neck is extremely stiff. You tip your head slightly to the right and hear a loud “pop!” Instantly, you feel relief flood through your body! No more tension in your neck is a great thing, right?


If cracking your neck and back relieves the pressure and makes you feel better, could it really be so bad? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Read on to learn why, and be sure to see the Littleton chiropractors at Arne Chiropractic the next time you need chiropractic help!

Cracking Your Own Back CAN be Bad

You read that correctly—it can be bad, but that doesn’t mean it always is. An easy way to think about this is to think about brownies. You may have a brownie everyone once in awhile, and you may not have any issues, but imagine having two brownies a day. You might see some weight gain after that! Think about cracking your back in the same way. It’s not a good thing to do daily, but every once in awhile is safe.

Why Is Cracking Your Back Often Bad for You?

When you crack your back often, you can develop a problem known as hypermobility. This means that your muscles, ligaments, and tissues have lost their ability to hold things in place like they used to. The common comparison many chiropractors and specialists will make is that between your back and a rubber band. A rubber band, while it usually snaps back into place, can eventually lose its shape over time if it has been too stretched out. So, too, can your back lose its elasticity when you continuously crack your back.

Can You Safely Crack Your Back?

Yes! Using the proper technique infrequently will keep your back strong and, hopefully, help relieve some of the pressure you may be feeling. However, please see your Littleton chiropractor first to be sure that your method of choosing is safe for your back, and only opt for these methods when needed:

  • Standing – In order to crack your back while standing, place both of your hands palm-out in the center of your back. Have them overlap one another. Then, lean back slowly while pressing against your spine to feel it crack.
  • Laying Down – Lay down on the floor and pull one knee up to your chest. Slowly let it turn across your body while keeping your shoulders on the floor. This natural twist should help you relieve some pressure
  • Sitting in a Chair – Sit up straight with your back pressed against the back of the chair. Apply light pressure to your forehead and breathe deeply to allow your back to crack naturally.

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