Welcome back to part two of this short blog series. In part one, we began looking at ways to relieve neck pain caused by auto injury-related whiplash. If you have been in a car accident and are experiencing pain, stiffness, soreness, and inflammation in your neck and shoulders, then you may have suffered whiplash, an injury to the soft tissues in the neck. First, we recommend that you seek treatment for one, determine if you have indeed suffered a whiplash injury, and two, to determine the severity of your injury. This will help your medical provider devise a treatment plan to help you heal. Here are some of the ways to relieve neck pain that we discussed in part one:

  • Ice your neck
  • Take it easy, limit your physical activities, and avoid heavy lifting
  • Find out if a neck brace is right for you
  • Begin auto injury treatment

Here are a few more ways you can relieve neck pain after an auto injury. If you are ready to begin auto injury treatment, call Arne Wellness Center in Littleton to schedule an appointment.

Eat Foods That Fight Inflammation

Add foods to your meal plan that combat inflammation, which can aid in your recovery. Studies suggest that eating foods like tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, olive oil, nuts, fruits, and fatty fish can fight inflammation. Avoid eating refined carbohydrates, fried foods, margarine, red meat, and sugary beverages like sodas and sports drinks. This can help decrease the soft tissue swelling in your neck and shoulders following an auto accident.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your body always needs water, but especially when you’re healing from an injury or illness, as water supports in your body’s defense system. The body is made of 60-70 percent water, which needs to be replenished to decrease inflammation, support tissue repair, and send nutrients and oxygen to affected areas to reduce scar tissue. Drink water consistently throughout the day and eat more fruits and veggies with high water content to give you an added boost of hydration.

Use Topical Pain Relievers

Topical pain relievers in the form of creams, gels, oils, and salves can provide temporary relief for your discomfort. Store-bought topical pain relievers are designed to relieve pain and can help reduce swelling. These are great for providing pain relief while at work or school. You can also talk with your chiropractor to learn which topical pain relievers they recommend for your specific needs, which may include stronger formulas like Biofreeze®.

Visit Your Wellness Center In Littleton

If you want to relieve your whiplash neck pain with safe, effective chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy treatments, call Arne Wellness Center to schedule an appointment with our car accident chiropractor. Our auto injury treatment can relieve your pain and assist your body’s natural healing process without the use of pain medications or invasive surgery. Chiropractic care addresses the cause of your pain so you can heal quicker and feel better, rather than simply masking the pain. Call us today to schedule an appointment.