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Acupuncture vs. Cupping: What is the Difference?

Acupuncture and cupping therapy are two types of treatments that have several similarities in regards to their intended outcome, but also have some key distinctive characteristics. If you’re curious as to which method is right for you, Arne Chiropractic in Littleton, CO is here to help explain the differences between the two.

The Treatment Versatility

Even though cupping shares several similarities with acupuncture, acupuncture is more versatile. It is important to know the kind of ailment you’re treating as it determines the best therapy. Acupuncture has been shown to treat extensively more conditions compared to cupping. Some of these ailments include headache, labor pains, menstrual cramps, neck and back pain, and many more.

Performance and Results Levels

Acupuncture works by stimulating the autonomic nervous system. Once the insertion of acupuncture needles commences during a session, neuropeptides prompt the clear flow of Qi, which helps the body function properly. This is believed to contribute highly to cardiovascular health, inflammation, digestion, and mood alleviation. However, such health benefits might not be achieved through cupping. It’s for this reason that many people prefer acupuncture instead of cupping.

Type of Materials Used

Cupping therapy primarily uses skin-surface materials and doesn’t pierce the body. Two types of cupping exist; dry and wet cupping. Wet cupping involves regulated medicinal bleeding to do away with toxins. On the other hand, acupuncture pierces through the skin with tiny, slim, and hardly felt needles inserted at various depths to trigger the treatment process.

After Session Marks

When it comes to marking temporarily left on your skin after treatment, acupuncture leaves none behind, and in such cases where it does, you’ll need to take a closer look to identify them. This is different when it comes to cupping. After the treatment, you’re left with blacks and blues whenever the cups had been applied.

They are either small or medium-sized circular shapes, mainly located on your back. This type of bodily bruising makes it hard to have a frequent cupping routine. Benefits of regular acupuncture on the other end include relieving stress, pains, and elevated moods.

While both of these treatment methods may help improve the Qi flow to boost one’s health, we believe acupuncture is the more comfortable and effective method. Acupuncture uses thin and tiny needles at particular body points, while cupping uses small cups to create suctions specifically on areas that need relief. Overall, acupuncture treats the whole body and not just specific areas, making it a more sought-after treatment.
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