Gentler Approach

Dr Arne turned my life around. I had been suffering with the effects of Chronic Lyme disease and related co-infections for over a decade, even after 5 years of intense antibiotics, the last 9 months twice a day through an IV. I found Arne Wellness when I decided to eliminate all the toxic pharmaceuticals and try a gentler approach. It worked! Dr Arne guided me on a healing journey that eliminated all my symptoms. Using herbals and energy/frequency medicine, I barely noticed the gradual improvements until, after less than two years of treatment, my Lyme-related issues were resolved.

Dr Arne is my fourth (and final!) Lyme specialist. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable. His approach is truly one of a kind. And he takes time to listen and doesn’t rush or treat me as just another appointment to get through. He and his entire staff are kind, empathetic and compassionate. I know they have my best interest at heart. Their hours are accommodating to most schedules. I highly recommend Arne Wellness Center.

Cynthia D