Dr. Arne Really Listens to His Patients

For 4 ½ years my health declined in many areas. I went to many doctors and was finally diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, in January of 2009 I was placed on medicine, but my symptoms improved only slightly. I developed many more symptoms including digestive problems. At the end of my rope, I took the recommendation of a friend and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Robert Arne. Dr. Arne truly takes the time to listen to his patients, and educate this patients and I am amazed at how much he knows about the root cause for so many symptoms I had. His course of treatment has made a tremendous difference in my life. After a month of following his plan and treatment program, I can honestly say I feel at least 10 years younger. My fatigue is completely gone. My stomach problems are gone. My insomnia is gone. My anxiety is gone. My joint pain has significantly improved. My endurance level is greatly increased. Dr. Arne is approachable, kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable, and his staff is professional and so helpful. Arne Wellness Center has truly changed my life and given me my health back.

Missy K.