1. Electric stimulation therapy patches being applied to a woman's neck and upper back

    Why Do Chiropractors Use Electrical Stimulus Machines?

    Have you ever experienced a lingering pain in your shoulder or back that simply won’t go away no matter what you try? While over-the-counter pain relievers may help to temporarily dull the pain, it doesn’t effectively address the problem. Pain and inflammation can occur from an injury, a strain, or even stress, which causes tightness and tension that can be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, you…Read More

  2. A chiropractor adjusting a woman's shoulder area

    Why Use A Chiropractor vs. A Physical Therapist?

    In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using a chiropractor vs. a physical therapist. In short, both providers are trained to treat your spine and nervous system as well as any other musculoskeletal issue you might have. Both treat musculoskeletal problems to increase mobility, reduce pain, and help return you to full function. The main difference between these two professionals is tha…Read More

  3. Do Littleton Chiropractors Help with Pinched Nerves?

    There’s no doubt about it — dealing with a pinched nerve can be incredibly frustrating and painful. At Arne Wellness Center, our team of Littleton chiropractors is here to lend a helping hand. Simply put, we offer expert chiropractic care that’s tailored to meet your specific needs, and no matter what you’re dealing with, we’re confident that we can help.…Read More

  4. What is Chiropractic Care? What To Expect At Arne Wellness Center

    Chiropractic work is the practice of manipulating the spine to restore and maintain proper spinal alignment, allowing the nervous system to function at its peak efficiency. The malfunction of the body's various systems may be caused by spinal abnormalities that "interfere" with normal nerve impulses. Additionally, this care focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of spinal, nervous, muscular, nerve…Read More

  5. Why Do Chiropractors Pop Your Neck?

    If you’ve ever received a chiropractic adjustment before, chances are you’ve heard and felt your neck pop or crack at some point in the process. Many people wonder why chiropractors pop necks, some have even become fascinated with the sounds that come from a chiropractic adjustment—a social media trend known as Pop Therapy.    Whether you're curious about or fascinated with chiropracti…Read More

  6. How Sugar Contributes To Muscle and Joint Pain

    Between Valentine’s Day and Easter, it is quite hard to avoid all those delightful sweet treats that the grocery store always has fully stocked this time of year. While it’s more obvious how sugar can impact weight gain, obesity, and cause serious medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, have you ever thought about how sugar affects muscle and joint pain? If you answered “no,” you’re not…Read More

  7. Walk Your Way To A Healthy Spine This Spring

    Now that longer, sun-filled days are here, it’s time to get active so you can get your neck, back, and whole body in optimal health just in time for summer. For people who suffer from chronic or acute pain, performing high-impact exercises can be difficult and, in many cases, can lead to worsening symptoms or secondary injuries. Aerobic exercises are a great way to get your heart rate going, you…Read More

  8. We’re Debunking More Lyme Disease Myths

    Lyme disease, while one of the faster growing infectious diseases, is very treatable - especially when caught early! Thankfully here at Arne Wellness Center, a trusted chiropractor in Highlands Ranch, we employ Lyme disease literate doctors who work with natural treatments for our clients. Today we're going to tackle a few more Lyme disease myths and debunk them once and for all. Lyme disease test…Read More

  9. Considering Homeopathy? Check Out These Common Myths

    As a trusted chiropractor in Highlands Ranch, Dr. Arne’s extensive knowledge in natural medicine treatments such as homeopathy, herbal therapy, nutritional therapy, and detoxification allow him to use non-toxic natural medicine and other pain relief options to treat the cause of your condition. There are a myriad of myths surrounding homeopathy which have been used to discredit the high efficac…Read More