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Neurofeedback Promotion at Arne Wellness Center

Train Your Brain Wave Patterns to Help You Heal

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Arne Wellness Center is offering FREE Brainmaps on Neurofeedback!

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Neurofeedback Therapy to Train Healthy Brainwave Patterns


What if there were a way to train your brain to help you reduce your pain levels, heal from injuries quicker, manage various health conditions, improve cognitive performance, elevate your mood, get better sleep, and more? With neurofeedback therapy, also called “brain mapping,” you can do just that.

With the assistance of your Littleton chiropractor, Dr. Robert Arne, and his team of specialists, you can train your brain via biofeedback techniques to consciously alter the way your brain functions by visualizing and learning to change the patterns of electrical activity in your brain. If this sounds too good to be true, stay put and we will explore below the cutting-edge, evidence-based science behind this beneficial therapy for improving your overall health and wellness. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation for neurofeedback, reach out to Littleton’s Top Rated Local® holistic health and wellness center.

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The Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy (Brain Mapping)

Noninvasive procedure

No pain or discomfort

No surgery and no use of prescription medications

Provides immediate input about your brainwaves

Can effectively reduce chronic pain and acute pain

Improves cognitive function

Reduces anxiety

May help treat depression

Improves the quality of sleep

May treat fibromyalgia

Can reduce migraines and headaches

And so much more

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