At Arne Wellness Center, we offer a wide range of natural medicine services to help you improve and maintain your health. Myofascial release is a service we are proud to offer at our Littleton health center. This particular type of massage therapy is aimed at the connective tissue that encloses most of your muscles, and can increase circulatory function, improve flexibility, and release tension stored up in your muscles.

Throughout your body, muscles and other tissue structures are enclosed with a strong, thin layer of tissue called fascia. Under ideal circumstances, the fascia provides protection and support to the muscles. However, excessive physical demands, traumatic injury, or lack of use can all cause these fascia to become tight or constricted, resulting in pain and lack of proper muscle function. This condition may be hard to diagnose yourself, because it can be difficult to distinguish the pain caused by tightened fascia from that of other muscle injuries.

During myofascial release, therapeutic massage techniques are employed to to provide relief to the various trigger points in your body that may be affected by constraining fascia. Through passive and active massage therapy, tension can be released from the fascia, eliminating pain and restoring muscle function.

If you think you might be a candidate for myofascial release massage therapy, contact Arne Wellness Center in Littleton, CO today! Our professional natural medicine experts can help to evaluate the symptoms you’re experiencing, and then provide you with options for seeking the best possible treatment with us. Don’t live with pain any longer than you have to; schedule an appointment with us today!