Traveling for the holidays to visit friends and family, while fun, can be quite an exhausting experience — especially for your body. Between carrying oversized bags on your shoulders, dragging heavy suitcases, and sitting in a cramped position on a plane for hours at a time, your body takes quite a beating when you travel. That’s why the massage therapists at Arne Wellness Center in Littleton have some insightful Thanksgiving travel tips to share with you. Following these tips can help you prevent the common aches and pains that come along with traveling by air so that you can travel pain-free and fully enjoy your time with your loved ones. Want to schedule a massage before and after your holiday travels? Reach out to our Top Rated Local® wellness center to schedule an appointment with our friendly, highly skilled massage therapists.

Five Ways To Travel Pain-Free This Thanksgiving

Flying is stressful enough, but when you add in the physical discomfort of traveling by plane, it can be quite painful and discomforting. Don’t let neck and back pain interfere with your holiday getaway; follow these tips and fly pain-free this Thanksgiving!

Visit Your Massage Therapist Before Traveling

Scheduling a pre-travel massage can help ensure your tissues and joints are prepared for the journey. Your massage therapist can address any problems that are giving you strife, and can also identify any underlying issues that could arise when they become aggravated during your travels. Plus, your practitioner can demonstrate stretches and exercises that can help you manage problem areas.   

Book with Your Health in Mind

If possible, try to travel at odd times to avoid congested airports, long lines, and packed-to-the-max flights. Try to book an aisle seat, near the emergency exit, or in seats with extra legroom. This can help prevent cramping and lower back pain.

Mindful Packing

Be realistic with your packing. Don’t over-pack your suitcases and try to avoid carrying unnecessary items in your carry-on bag. Make use of luggage caddies to transport your bags so you don’t have to carry or pull them. Try to use luggage that is ergonomically designed to prevent back pain. And always let airport and airline attendants assist you with your bags.

Pack Travel Therapy

Pack hot and cold therapy patches that provide temporary pain relief. Pack a neck pillow and a lumbar back support to help keep your spine aligned. Carry any braces, compression socks, or other items that can provide additional support to prevent pain.

Hitch a Ride

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of airport and airline assistance. Find out your airline’s pre-boarding qualifications, if there are wheelchairs readily available, and how to hitch a ride on a motorized escort to get from point A to point B easily. If you have neck, shoulder, and back issues, ask a flight attendant to assist you with storing your luggage in the overhead compartment or underneath the seat in front of you.

Schedule a Post-Travel Massage

Reach out to Arne Wellness Center in Littleton to get a massage appointment on the books for when you return from your holiday travels. This will give you something to look forward to and will give your massage therapist a chance to work out the travel kinks, release tension, and reduce pain from traveling.

Looking for chiropractic care or acupuncture to relieve your aches and pains? We offer these and other services at our Top Rated Local® wellness center, so call us or visit our site to request an appointment. From all of us at Arne Wellness Center, we wish you safe and healthy travels, and a happy Thanksgiving!