It is an unfortunate set of circumstances that has led to thousands of people affected by Lyme disease lacking access to treatment in their hometown medical facility. Much of this has to do with the controversy surrounding Lyme disease in the medical establishment. Because so many of the people seeking a Lyme disease natural treatment from Arne Wellness Center in Littleton, CO have little to no understanding about this controversy, here is a brief explanation to help inform you.

While the symptoms of Lyme disease can be severe, they are extremely varied and intermittent. There are around 100 known symptoms, afflicting everything from sensory, neurological, respiratory, reproductive, and musculoskeletal systems. The problem is, any given individual patient may only suffer a handful of these effects, and that makes Lyme disease hard to define. This has led to a refusal to acknowledge Lyme disease in the medical profession. Medical journals refuse to publish articles pertaining to Lyme disease, and this has limited the exchange of information on an affliction that clearly does exist, as so many victims can attest.

Many professional doctors refuse to treat Lyme disease because they believe that practicing medicine that has not been peer-reviewed could lead to them being stripped of their credentials. Fortunately, other medical professionals like Dr. Robert Arne have stepped up, providing Lyme disease natural treatment to those in search of relief from its devastating effects. If you’re suffering symptoms that may point toward Lyme disease, you cannot afford to wait for the medical establishment to change its stance. Get the help you need right away at Arne Wellness Center. Contact us today!