At Arne Wellness Center, we provide Lyme disease natural treatment in our Littleton, CO health facility. Because there is a lack of doctors willing to treat this serious affliction, people travel from all over the country to get the help they need. While we’re proud to be able to provide the medical care to help Lyme patients, we know that prevention is better. Since Lyme disease comes from exactly one thing – tick bites – it’s important to be able to identify these insects in order to reduce the possibility of infection.

The most common carrier for the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease is the blacklegged deer tick. It is an insect with eight legs and a small head compared to the size of its body. They range in color from black to grey to brown to red. Their incredibly small size is what makes them so difficult to detect. At the larval stage, deer ticks are about the size of the tip of a sharpened pencil. At their largest, adult females can grow to about the size of a grain of rice. If the tick attaches to a host, it will become engorged with blood and grow to up to ten times in size. If you find that a tick has attached itself to your body, don’t panic. Remove it carefully and watch for symptoms of Lyme disease infection. More information about ticks can be found at the Lyme Research Alliance.

If you are experiencing symptoms, contact Arne Wellness Center a soon as possible. Our Lyme disease natural treatment can keep the symptoms at bay, allowing you to live a life unhindered by the debilitating effects of this affliction.