Part of what makes Lyme disease so difficult to diagnose is the multitude of symptoms with which it is associated. The bacteria borrelia burgdorferi, when passed to a human through a tick bite, can wreak havoc in many different areas of the body, and even impact one’s mind and moods. A few seemingly unrelated symptoms can be hard to connect at first, but as they multiply it will hopefully become apparent what the individual is suffering from, and they can pursue a Lyme disease natural treatment. Here is an overview of just a few of the different symptoms of Lyme disease.

Sensory:  Vision can become blurry, oversensitive to light, and floaters and a lazy eye are possible. Hearing can also decrease, and there may be a constant ringing in the ears. There may also be changes in the patient’s ability to smell and taste.

Muscles:  There may be pain, swelling, or stiffness in the joints and muscles. There can also be a lack of coordination and uncontrollable twitching. There can be heart palpitations or heart murmur. Weakness and inability to perform physical activities are also characteristic.

Mental:  There are many psychiatric and cognitive effects that can manifest with Lyme disease. These include unstable mood, depression, changes in personality, paranoia, and even hallucinations.

These symptoms, and many more, are considered to be a part of the spectrum of chronic Lyme disease. Different patients can exhibit different sets of symptoms, making it hard for a doctor who is not Lyme-literate to correctly identify it. You can find a complete checklist of Lyme disease symptoms here to help determine if you should be worried. If it looks like you might be dealing with this infection, contact Arne Wellness Center today, and learn about our Lyme disease natural treatment. We can help you to overcome Lyme disease and reclaim your life.