The medical professionals at Arne Wellness Center understand that knowledge is our primary weapon against the spread of chronic Lyme disease. While Lyme-literate doctors like Robert A. Arne can prescribe effective Lyme disease natural treatments, prevention must be promoted through raised awareness. With cases of this damaging infection becoming more common all across the United States, it is important for the public to understand its causes. Only then can we effectively prevent Lyme disease from causing further harm.

Humans can be infected by Lyme disease only one way: ticks. Some ticks carry a bacteria known as borrelia burgdorferi, which is the primary cause of Lyme disease. It is important to understand that only a small percentage of ticks – between 1 and 3.5% – actually carry the bacteria. B. burgdorferi tends to be more prevalent in nymphs than in full-grown adult ticks. Ticks are insects that feed off the blood of mammals such as deer, dogs, and humans. The bacteria can only be spread when the tick bites a person. An infected patient is not contagious to other humans.

Lyme disease prevention, then, comes down to preventing tick bites. Ticks are most commonly found in tall, dry grass, but they can be picked up anywhere outside. Because of their small size and ability to cling to shoes, clothes, and hair, they can be difficult to detect. If you’re camping, hiking, or spending time outside for any other reason, wear insect repellent and keep possible inroads, such as at the ankle, securely closed off. A thorough tick inspection of your skin and clothing should be conducted anytime you have been outside for extended periods of time.

Let’s all try to raise awareness of ticks and Lyme disease to help prevent its spread. For those who have suffered a bite from a tick carrying B. burgdorferi, Arne Wellness Center of Littleton, Colorado can provide a Lyme disease natural treatment to help you get your health back. Contact us today!