Lyme disease is regarded among the top of the list of fastest growing infectious diseases in the US. Yet, it seems that many people are still unaware of what Lyme disease is or how it may affect their lives. To help spread awareness of this dangerous disease, we are providing facts and information about Lyme Disease.

Ticks carrying Lyme Disease are the only way for you to be infected. Fortunately, the chance of you contracting Lyme Disease due to a typical tick bite is low; the CDC estimates between 1 and 3.5%. Nymph ticks are more likely to spread Lyme Disease than adult ticks. This is expected to be the case, because they are more difficult to detect.

Lyme Disease has been detected in all 48 mainland states, but their are only three main areas at a high risk of contracting Lyme Disease. Those high risk areas include the North East between Maine and Maryland, North Central US including Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the Central West Coast (Oregon and California). Between one and three percent of the people in these states will become infected with Lyme Disease at some point in their lives.

Other than where you are, who you are also plays a role in your likelihood of contracting Lyme Disease. The majority of people who are diagnosed with Lyme Disease are between the ages of five and nine or adults age 50 to 59. Females are also more likely to be diagnosed with Lyme Disease than males. Regardless of age, gender, or geography, anyone that comes in contact with ticks has a chance of contracting Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease is commonly misdiagnosed by doctors who assume that there is no risk of Lyme Disease in their area, but the truth is that Lyme Disease appears in the most unusual places. Because of this, it is important to check for ticks after any outdoor excursion and seek a Lyme Literate doctor in your area if you have any signs of Lyme Disease.

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