Recurring pain has a tendency to start very early in each of our lives; whether it’s a sore lower back from studying at college desks or sore shoulders from years of the same frequent movement. Even though it is natural, it isn’t something anyone should have to deal with. It doesn’t matter if it’s just “moderate” pain you can usually ignore or push through; it still has the potential to grow into an even bigger problem if not taken care of properly. This is where the Littleton chiropractors at Arne Wellness Center come in with a solution to both old and new pain.

Effective Treatment For Alleviating Pain

A treatment called spinal decompression therapy is ideal for anyone who finds themselves in serious need of back pain relief and headache relief. But what is it? It’s a form of physical therapy that deals specifically with where your pain can originate: a slipped or ruptured disc. A slipped disc is a common condition in your spine where a vertebrate that cushions your bones is “shifted” out of place and then pressed against sensitive nerves. This (though small) can cause moderate to severe pain. This “shift” can come from an old or recent auto crash injury, an old sports injury, excessive use or just normal wear and tear. But no matter what, it requires urgent treatment so it doesn’t get worse.

Common Symptoms Of A Slipped Disc 

If you are experiencing head or back pain, it’s important to gauge when you need to seek chiropractic adjustment for relief. You need to monitor your body to know when something is wrong, thus saving yourself from dealing with severe pain. It’s possible for a slipped disc to cause mild pain at first in your neck or lower back — or even numbness and tingling sensations.  But it can grow to (or even immediately start as) intense, radiating pain in two major areas: your shoulder down to your arm, and your thigh down to your buttock. If you suddenly feel this out of nowhere — or if you start to notice an unfamiliar mild pain — seek out a chiropractor as soon as possible.

A Look At The Treatment Process

Spinal Decompression Therapy is an effective way to relieve (or prevent) slipped disc pain over the course of several smaller sessions. It’s all about performing very gentle and controlled mechanical traction to separate the “shifted” vertebrae away from the others, thus relieving pressure and pain from the spine. This also allows for the “shifted” vertebrae to once again receive nutrients and water from the body. Each of these treatment sessions takes about 20 minutes and patients will most likely need between 10 and 25 treatments to receive the full effect. It’s an easy, non-surgical way to relieve pain over just a few weeks.

Take Control Of Your Pain Relief

When something feels wrong it’s important to get it checked out by a professional immediately. Arne Chiropractors in Littleton don’t want you to go through every day with crippling pain that could damage other areas of your body. Contact us today with any questions and find out how we can help eliminate your pain for good! See if spinal decompression therapy is right for you and learn more about other treatments we offer!