As anyone living in Littleton can tell you, Colorado is a great state for cycling. Whether you prefer to pedal up the side of a mountain, commute to work by bicycle, or take a leisurely cruise along the Cherry Creek Trail, cycling can provide a ton of enjoyment and health benefits. However, as your chiropractor can tell you, you must take care to protect your spine health as you ride. Read below for a few tips to help ensure years of healthy, happy riding.

Find The Best Fit

A bicycle that doesn’t match your body correctly can put serious strain on your lower back. Over years of constant riding, it could add up to bad posture or even a severe spinal injury. The distance from your seat to the handlebars should allow for a comfortable riding position that does not force you to hunch or overextend your back. Many bike shops in Littleton offer equipment that allows you to determine the best measurements for a bike based on your body’s unique geometry.

Changing Positions

It’s also important to note that you should never be stuck in one position while riding. Even if you have a great fit, you should switch up the angle at which you lean forward to alleviate tension in your neck and lower back. Choose handlebars that allow for multiple gripping positions, because where you place your hands has a big effect on the rest of your riding posture.

Shock Absorption

Because it is generally a very low-impact activity, your chiropractor will be happy to hear that cycling is your preferred method of exercise. Even so, though, there are steps you can take to further reduce vibration from the road. Lower tire pressure, for example, can go a long way in absorbing shock. A padded seat and hand grips can also make a world of difference, both in reducing impact and making for a more comfortable ride.