For most of us, working in an office is a fact of everyday life. However, this often means that we sit all day long! You’ve been hearing the perils of sitting for years now, but if you want to pay the bills, you need to stay seated. We at Arne Wellness Center understand your challenges, which is why we are here to discuss the proper way to sit at work to keep your back healthy and your spine aligned! Read on for tips from your Littleton chiropractor:

How to Sit

While seated in your chair, be sure to push your hips back as far as they can go. Being seated in the middle of the chair allows you to slouch, which is exactly what we hope to avoid. Adjust the height of your seat so that your feet are flat on the floor and your hips are equal or higher than your knees. Next, make sure the back of the chair does not recline further than 110 degrees and adjust the armrests so your shoulders are in a relaxed, comfortable position.

The Importance of Moving

Even maintaining proper seated posture all day will not help your body long term. It’s important to stay active and moving throughout the day, even at a desk job. Try these tips to keep your body happy and limber:

  • Take brief, 1-2 minute breaks to stretch every half hour or so.
  • Do your best to distance yourself from your computer during lunch breaks.
  • Rest and refocus your eyes when you feel them getting tired. You can do this by focusing on something far away for a moment or resting your palms over your eyes for ten to fifteen seconds.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing back trouble and would like to see a Littleton chiropractor, be sure to contact the professionals at Arne Wellness Center. We look forward to helping you improve your posture and your back’s health!