There’s nothing quite like getting a good night’s sleep after a long day, but if you have neck or back pain, sleeping can be just another activity that causes pain and discomfort. The thing is, getting good, restful sleep is essential to your health and wellness, and aids in the healing process when you’re recovering from an infection or injury. How can you sleep better if you suffer from neck or back pain?

At Arne Wellness Center, we believe there’s nothing more important than your health, and we want to help you achieve optimal wellness with treatments like chiropractic care to relieve pain and tension. If you have difficulty sleeping because of pain in your back, here are some tips to try to make sleeping comfortably a little easier.

Four Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Invest In a Good Mattress

One of the best things you can do to get better sleep while protecting your neck and back is to invest in a good mattress. This doesn’t necessarily mean you purchase the most expensive mattress on the market, but you’ll want to find a quality mattress that offers you the ideal support for your back. The best way to find a good mattress for you is by trying out mattresses before you by them, or commit to them long-term. This can help you find one with the right firmness for your back.

Keep in mind that there are many mattress companies nowadays that will let you test your mattress during a trial time before you buy, so take advantage of this to ensure you find a perfect mattress that addresses your needs.

Support Your Spine

Whether you sleep on your back or your side, using pillows and bolsters can help support your spine. When you sleep on your back, the weight of your legs tend to lift your pelvis, which can be painful for your lower back. If you’re a side-sleeper, your body weight isn’t distributed evenly, which can pull your spine out of alignment. Sleeping on your belly is definitely the worst for your back, as it causes you to twist your head to either side awkwardly, and places a lot of stress on your entire spine.

For back sleepers: Use a good pillow to support your head and neck and place an additional pillow under your knees to release pressure from the lumbar spine.

For side-sleepers: Use a good supportive pillow for your head and neck and place an additional pillow between your knees to support your hips while keeping your spine aligned.

For stomach-sleepers: Just don’t do it. Try transitioning to sleeping on your side instead.

Stretch Before Bed

Doing some light stretches before you climb into bed can help release built-up tension from the day, allowing you to find a more comfortable sleep position. Here are some gentle back stretches to try:

Contact Your Littleton Chiropractor

Finding treatments that address your specific pain can provide you with long-lasting pain relief. At Arne Wellness Center, we offer chiropractic care and other natural healing techniques in order to target and treat the specific pain your experiencing, so you can sleep better at night, move better during the day, and feel better overall. Contact your Top Rated Local® Littleton chiropractor to find relief for your neck and back pain.