Hello, and welcome back to our blog. In our recent post, we began looking at the ways your car accident chiropractor at Arne Wellness can help patients recover from injuries sustained in an auto accident. Some of the benefits of receiving post-car accident chiropractic care include injury diagnosis, as your chiropractor can evaluate your symptoms to pinpoint both immediate and hidden injuries in order to determine a treatment plan to effectively treat these injuries. Additionally, chiropractic treatments are an effective alternative pain relief treatment to masking the pain with prescription painkillers that don’t actually treat and help heal the injuries. Finally, we looked at the healing benefits of chiropractic care that can reduce muscle, ligament, tendon, and joint inflammation, which attribute to pain, discomfort, and limited function. In today’s post, we will continue looking at the benefits of receiving chiropractic care which is a holistic approach to treating and relieving pain.

Stimulates Natural Healing Properties

Chiropractic care addresses the spine and nervous system which controls the musculoskeletal functions of the body. Chiropractic adjustments realign the spinal column and improve nerve function which is essential to the overall healing process. By stimulating the proper function of the nervous system, your car accident chiropractor encourages the body to release its natural healing properties, so that patients can heal quicker and more effectively from their injuries sustained in an accident.

Decreases Scar Tissue

Chiropractic treatments stimulate healing by encouraging proper nerve and muscle function, circulation, and mobility. Spinal adjustments in combination with focused muscle work, stretching, exercise, and eating right can break down scar tissue that builds up in injured areas. Reducing scar tissue restores proper function of bones, muscles, and joints, which improves overall range of motion and mobility.

Reduces Risk of Chronic Pain

Chiropractic is a non-invasive approach for treating auto-related injuries without surgery. Beginning chiropractic treatments after an accident can help reduce the risk of acute (immediate, short-term) injuries turning into chronic (long-term, recurring) pain which may last for years or even a lifetime. When minor car accident injuries are ignored and left untreated, these may become much more serious over time. Unfortunately, many untreated injuries can become chronic which may interfere with everyday activities such as going to work and school, participating in sports and athletics, and performing simple activities such as sitting, walking, and driving. Chronic pain may also affect your overall mood and emotions, sleep patterns, focus, and memory. Your car accident chiropractor can diagnose and treat acute injuries to help your body naturally heal itself so that you can live a fuller, pain-free life.

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