When you’ve been injured in an auto accident, pain in your lower back can make it difficult to perform ordinary tasks at work. This is true for those people who work in offices, medical centers, hair salons, restaurants, and service jobs that require you to perform manual labor. In part one, we looked at the following tips for managing your back pain at work:

  • Perform daily stretches
  • Invest in good back supports
  • Take breaks to get up and walk around

At Arne Wellness Center, we’re devoted to providing effective auto injury treatments in Littleton that help people recover from their injuries. Educating our patients with ways they can help manage their recovery through self-care is part of our recovery treatments. Here are a few more ways to relieve back pain caused by an auto injury while you’re at work.

Customize Your Workstation

Whether you work at a computer or drive a truck or company van, customize your workstation to be as ergonomic as possible. This will help you maintain good posture so you avoid slouching and leaning forward. Get a lumbar support that assists the natural curvature of your spine. Adjust the height of your chair or scoot your car seat forward so you can touch the pedals without straining your lower back muscles.

Hydrate Regularly

Staying hydrated will keep your muscles replenished with the nutrients they need to function properly. When you become dehydrated, you can become fatigued, your muscles and joints can become tight and stiff, and you can get headaches.

Lift Properly

When your back is injured, it is more susceptible to further injuries when lifting and handling objects. When lifting at work, use a back support, plan your lift, distribute the weight evenly, and keep your back as straight as you can. If an object is too heavy to lift, ask for help!

These are just a few more ways you can manage your back pain while at work as well as precautions that may help you avoid more injuries. All of these tips can make your auto injury treatment at Arne Wellness Center more effective, so practice healthy habits to manage your back pain at work every day.