Welcome back to our blog! As your trusted local chiropractor, we are dedicated to helping you improve your health, which includes sharing our insights for everyday tips that can keep you safe and help you avoid injuries. Auto accidents are a common occurrence and a real threat that all drivers face each and every time they drive their vehicle. In fact, according to the Colorado State Patrol, there were close to 27,000 auto accidents in 2017, with 3,500 of them resulting in injuries. While you can never predict when an auto collision may happen, and can’t control other drivers on the road, there are preventative steps you can take to be a safer, more cautious driver.

In today’s blog post, let’s explore a few simple ways you can do your part to reduce the number of auto accidents by being a less distracted driver. And remember, should you become injured in an auto accident, you can count on Arne Chiropractic for effective auto injury treatment in Littleton. Please continue reading below to learn our safe driver tips.

Put Your Phone Away

Cell phones tend to dictate our daily lives, which can make it hard for us to put them away for even the smallest amount of time. Yet cell phones are one of the biggest distractions for drivers, especially young drivers. Whether answering a phone call, sending that one short text, or taking photos of the beautiful Colorado scenery while driving, these actions are incredibly distracting, no matter how hard you may try to stay focused on the road. When driving, it’s best to either put your phone in your purse, glove box, or center console to reduce the risk of it becoming a distraction. You can even set your phone to airplane mode or use the “Do not disturb” feature, which will automatically let callers and texters know you are driving and will get back to them.

Avoid Multitasking

While multitasking can be a real advantage in other settings such as at home or at work, multitasking can take your focus away from the road. When you’re driving, avoid writing a shopping list, putting on your makeup, organizing your planner, eating a meal, and any other tasks that may distract you from the road ahead.

Avoid Messing With The Stereo

For many people, listening to music while driving is a way to help them stay focused on the road and their surroundings, but when you fiddle with stereo settings or skip through songs to get to the one you want to hear, it can become a real distraction. Instead, set your music on shuffle or invest in a hands-free stereo that will help you stay focused on the road, rather than on your dashboard.

Repair Damaged Windshields

When your windshield and other car windows are covered in small chips and cracks, or you have large cracks spreading the length of your windshield, these imperfections can obstruct your line of sight. What’s more, windshield damage tends to catch sun glares that can shine right in your eye, sometimes causing temporary vision loss. Don’t let your windshield become a driving distraction.

Pull Over When You Feel Sleepy

When you drive for an extended period of time, or drive late at night, it is incredibly common for people to become sleepy, making it hard to focus on the road. In worst case scenarios, drivers fall asleep at the wheel. If you’re driving a long distance, don’t risk it. Pull over to a rest stop to take a short nap to recharge or call it good and get a room for the night. It’s just not worth the risk.

Making small changes to your driving practices can make a big difference when it comes to driver safety. You’ll be doing your part to be a much safer and less distracted driver, which can help in reducing auto accidents here in Littleton and beyond. Should you be involved in an auto collision, you can rely on your knowledgeable, friendly chiropractor at Arne Wellness Center to provide you with effective chiropractic care to help you heal from your injuries. For safe and effective auto injury treatment in Littleton, call us today to make an appointment for chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy treatments.