We use acupuncture in our Littleton clinic to treat a variety of health concerns. This powerful treatment can help everything from allergies to headaches to indigestion and more. Many of our patients find incredible relief from acupuncture treatments, but delay getting the treatment because they are afraid of the process. If you are one of those patients for which acupuncture has been recommended, but you are worried about the treatment, we have three things you should know about acupuncture in our Littleton office:

  • No, it doesn’t hurt. The needles used in acupuncture treatments are so fine that most of our patients don’t even feel them go in. At the most, patients report feeling a quick, minor sting and that’s it.
  • Our medical team has years of experience. This isn’t the first time we’ve used acupuncture needles! We have years of experience helping nervous patients through their acupuncture treatment, and we know how and where to place the needles for maximum effectiveness.
  • Yes, it really does work. We’ve seen incredible progress for patients who thought there were no treatment options left for them. Many chronic pain sufferers report a decrease in the severity and duration of their pain, and other patients report that acupuncture worked for them when nothing else had.

There are no guarantees that acupuncture will work for you, but we’ve seen it work for so many other people. Make an appointment for our acupuncture treatments in Littleton and see if our treatment is right for your health concerns. You can call us or click on the “Schedule an Appointment” button on our website.