1. Spine Health & Cycling

    As anyone living in Littleton can tell you, Colorado is a great state for cycling. Whether you prefer to pedal up the side of a mountain, commute to work by bicycle, or take a leisurely cruise along the Cherry Creek Trail, cycling can provide a ton of enjoyment and health benefits. However, as your chiropractor can tell you, you must take care to protect your spine health as you ride. Read below f…Read More

  2. Can Dogs Get Lyme Disease?

    As one of the nation’s trusted providers for Lyme disease natural treatment, Arne Wellness Center answers questions about this hard to pin down ailment. One question we get a lot is whether or not dogs are vulnerable to Lyme infection. It’s Tick Season The summer months in Colorado are full of opportunities to take your four legged friend with you for any number of outdoor activities, such as …Read More

  3. Is It Time For A Sauna Detox?

    Holidays like the Fourth of July have a way of encouraging people to indulge. Whether your vice of choice is cold beer, fatty brats cooked over a charcoal grill, or setting off fireworks in the street, your body is most likely exposed to a myriad of chemicals over the summer months. You may not even know that you’re being hindered by all the toxins you’re carrying around. However, your Littlet…Read More

  4. What Is Spinal Decompression?

    If you’ve suffered an injury to one or more of the vertebral discs in your spine, you may be experiencing pain that leads you to believe you can only get relief through surgery. The chiropractors of Arne Wellness Center know better. Through the use of computer-controlled spinal decompression, we can correct many of the painful symptoms related to herniated or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, dege…Read More

  5. What Are EM Rashes?

    If you’ve been reading the Arne Wellness Center Blog, you know that we are dedicated to providing Lyme disease natural treatment to those whose health has been impacted following a bite from an infected tick. You also know that avoiding those tick bites is the most effective way to protect yourself against the debilitating effects of Lyme disease. However, if you do happen to be bitten by an inf…Read More

  6. Tips For Protecting Spine Health

    As Littleton’s top choice for chiropractic care, Arne Wellness Center works hard to help our patients protect their back and spine health. Often our chiropractor provides care to people whose spine issues could have been avoided with more careful attention to their posture. Here are some tips on maintaining your spine’s health through proper posture. Standing A good pair of shoes can go a long…Read More

  7. About Lyme Disease Testing & Treatment

    Lyme disease plagues people all across the country. For those who have suffered a tick bite and think they may be infected, time is of the essence. Unfortunately, because of the wide spectrum of symptoms associated with the disease and the shortage of doctors who are Lyme-literate, it can be difficult to receive proper testing, diagnosis, and treatment. People travel from all over to seek Lyme dis…Read More

  8. Recognize And Identify Ticks

    At Arne Wellness Center, we provide Lyme disease natural treatment in our Littleton, CO health facility. Because there is a lack of doctors willing to treat this serious affliction, people travel from all over the country to get the help they need. While we’re proud to be able to provide the medical care to help Lyme patients, we know that prevention is better. Since Lyme disease comes from exac…Read More

  9. Arne Wellness Center Supports Lyme Research Alliance

    As one of the few medical facilities in the United States that provides Lyme disease natural treatment, Arne Wellness Center helps to provide relief for the debilitating symptoms that infected patients suffer. And while we can help to alleviate these symptoms, there is currently no cure for Lyme disease. Unfortunately, the mainstream medical establishment still refuses to even acknowledge the exis…Read More

  10. Tick Bite: Now What?

    If you’re at all familiar with the devastating personal effects that Lyme disease can manifest in its victims, you’re probably also aware that there’s only one way to contract it: through tick bites. However, it is important to understand that not all tick bites necessarily lead to an infection, and there are steps you can take when bitten to reduce your chances of contracting the disease. A…Read More